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Animated Motion - Norman McLaren & Grant Munro (1976-1978)

Movimiento Animado
Canadá | 8 min c/u aprox. | Inglés (Sin Subs)

Una serie de cinco cortometrajes donde el director y artista canadiense demuestra, enseña y clasifica paso a paso los aspectos del movimiento que el animador debe tener en cuenta y aplicar en su labor. Animated Motion es un manual imprescindible para toda persona, ya sea aficionada o no, interesada en conocer y estudiar las reglas que hacen posible el movimiento animado.

"The first part of this series by Norman McLaren deals only with tempo. It starts by showing the disc travelling in one move (1/24 of a second) from A to B, and progressively demonstrates slower and slower tempos...

In this short animation film, Norman McLaren presents the first 3 of the 5 categories of motion: constant, accelerated and decelerated. Various types of acceleration and deceleration are demonstrated, and examples are shown of how these types of motion may be applied in regard to gesture, gravity and perspective.

The third in a series of five colour films that offer an introduction to the basic techniques of film animation. McLaren explains and demonstrates different aspects of movement that are essential to the animator’s art. In this case it is the pause and irregular movement.

In this fourth film, Norman McLaren explains and illustrates composite motion, where two of the categories of motion occur simultaneously in one action, such as the motions of jointed or pivoted parts (as occur in animal and human movements). Also shown is a human gesture with increasing amounts of emotion; and finally, the phenomenon of 'strobing' in animation is examined.

In this fifth part, Norman McLaren deals not with motion (if motion is defined as a change of location in two- or three-dimensional space) but with change--change in the amount and color of light within an otherwise static screen. Normally, the animator combines such change with motion, but here it is studied in isolation." (NFB)

Parte 1:!gAswCIQa!cnH6yHqCA73A28E9PThVfB_yDHNvXgW6md--_gWNMQs

Parte 2:!cZ0RCaBB!fBagBmt_r-_7YPvWYRmVCmBIY_UDV3UlzfZuNnr1GUU

Parte 3:!dQtizZJL!PXBOuhH7l3x_iKTeF_5PxSi-JKFoZ5UjKRZR3m7Eg5U

Parte 4:!BAUwiIBZ!RmDh0HG5ZFWfApXcCzWcHAogPgJPHsh7q0APpGGT-J4

Parte 5:!QAEjHaxb!CSj8Kh9bHGiZxcOSExf_C3egmCNMZmkJ7YUJgEILCTQ

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Muy interesante Qrosawa, he aprendido mucho y voy ha aprender ahora mucho mas. Saludos y gracias como siempre.

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