lunes, 23 de septiembre de 2013

Elutuba - Rao Heidmets (1994)

Sala de Estar
Estonia | 10 min | Sin Diálogos

Una mujer deja a su hija, una niña curiosa e imaginativa, al cuidado de su abuelo, un hombre cuyo mundo está estrictamente regulado. Un film experimental que evidencia las insalvables brechas entre nuevas y viejas generaciones respecto a la educación y crianza.

"Film about conflict between young and old generations. In this animated film with live actors the protagonist is a girl, who is brought up by her grandfather. he lives in a strictly regulated world where animate as well as inanimate creatures have fixed places, which are marked by chalk on the living-room floor. Anything surpassing those borders is mercilessly scarped out of the film strip. The young girl, in whom the primal forces of nature are awakening, learns from her grandfather’s fading sexuality. She starts to scrape the filmstrip as well, to change the world according to her own" (

"Rao Heidmets is born in 1956 in Pärnu, Estonia. He graduated from the Tallinn Technical University, faculty of electro-energetics as the engineer of electric networks and systems.
After the finishing university in 1982 he changed career and went to the «Tallinnfilm» studios to make animated films. At first as animator and from 1983 as film director.

(...)LIVINGROOM. Won Kentaur, Best animated film price in St. Petersburg Short Film Festival «Message to Man» 1994. Awarded with personal price by Jury member Rosella Lamina in 11th International Odense Film Festival 1995. Special Price Of Jury in 1st International Film Festival in Antalya, 1995" (Nukufilm)!4BEgCCgT!QAUjbVr0NePHACNpgfEVtRrKdJps_4MA1gJXHqzZzBQ

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